• How do I clean my LUNNA?

Find some useful advices to always keep your LUNNA clean:

- The Starter Kit includes a glass cloth to clean your LUNNA.

- Should you require additional cloths, please use non-abrasive lint-free products.

- Unplug the device from the power source and the network.

- Install and operate the device in a dry environment to prevent internal corrosion.

- Do not use aggressive sprays, bleaches or any other chemical product on the device.

- Do not spray liquids on the mirror surface directly. 

  • I have just received my LUNNA. What are the first steps?

It is very easy. Just connect your LUNNA to a WiFi network and start enjoying it straight away!

  • Are my Bluetooth devices compatible?

The mirror can sync via Bluetooth to compatible headphones and speakers.

  • Is my home privacy safe?

The microphone and camera of your LUNNA exclusively activate when you use the authorized Apps. If not used, they remain off. Should you still be concerned about privacy, the Starter Kit includes a camera sliding cover to give you additional peace of mind.

  • Will my LUNNA have any other feature in the future?

Yes, in the next months we will deploy new exciting Fitness and non-Fitness related features to get the most out of your LUNNA. Your smart mirror works like a mobile phone. Once you will receive a notification informing you that updates are available, simply press ‘go!’ to start enjoying the latest and greatest innovative experiences offered by your LUNNA.

  • Any problem with your LUNNA?

Is your LUNNA not working? Please contact us at hello@thelunna.com and we will provide the best solution for you to enjoy your smart mirror again.

  • How do I connect my LUNNA to the Internet and the WiFi?

You can either use an Ethernet cable or WiFi to connect your LUNNA to the internet. We recommend a network speed of at least 10 mbps to fully enjoy your LUNNA. The WiFi configuration is as easy as on your mobile phone. Open the network settings, choose your WiFi network, connect and start enjoying your new smart mirror.

  • How do I install my LUNNA?

Installing LUNNA is as easy as installing a television. You can either install it on a wall using the provided screws-kit, or you can purchase the LUNNA pedestal (available on our website soon).

  • Is LUNNA a certified product?

Yes. LUNNA is fully compliant with the product, safety standards and regulations of all the territories we sell it.



Which countries does LUNNA ship to?

European Union, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • What is the shipping cost of LUNNA?

Free shipping: European Union, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

  •  Where is my LUNNA?

We will notify you the delivery tracking number by email as soon as your LUNNA is on its way to your home. We are very demanding regarding Quality Controls. Please do not worry if - from time to time - we may take a couple of extra days to thoroughly inspect and test your smart mirror before shipping it where it belongs: your home!

  • Delivery Timelines

Your LUNNA will be delivered between 20 and 30 days after order confirmation. UPDATE: We are currently experiencing temporary logistic delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic that may have a slight impact in your delivery time.


Press & media

  • We are PRESS/MEDIA. We would like to contact you

Please contact us at hello@thelunna.com and we will contact you right away.


B2B & Collaborations

  • I am an APP developer and I am interested in having my app featured on LUNNA

We are open for interesting collaborations. Please contact us at hello@thelunna.com to discuss how we may work together.

  • I am a business/retailer and I am interested in selling LUNNA

We are happy to collaborate. Please contact us at hello@thelunna.com and we will revert to you asap.


Warranty and return policy

  • What is the Return Policy?

The customer has 15 calendar days from reception of the product to return the LUNNA. All shipping costs will be assumed by the customer. LUNNA will return the money in full (except shipping costs) immediately after the product has been received and satisfactorily inspected at our premises

  • What is the warranty of my LUNNA?

Your LUNNA smart mirror comes with a two-year standard warranty for manufacturing related issues. Should you face non-manufacturing related inconveniences, we will be delighted to help you at hello@thelunna.com